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One -Stop Solution For All Your Material And Machining Needs

Save time and cost as we satisfy all your material procurement and manufacturing needs.

Engineering Bazar, the true manufacturing Bazar!

Our popular materials


Alloy Steel

  • Alloy Steel Bar

  • Alloy Steel Round Rod

  • Alloy Steel Pipe

  • Alloy Steel Rectangle Bar

  • Alloy Steel Plate



  • Aluminium Tube Rod

  • Aluminium Sheet/Plate

  • Aluminium Rectangle Bar

  • Aluminium Pipe

  • Aluminium Rectangle Bar

Stainless Steel

  • Stainless Tube Rod

  • Stainless Sheet Plate

  • Stainless Round Bar

  • Stainless Pipe

  • Stainless Rectangle Bar

Mild Steel.jpg

Mild Steel

  • Mild Steel Bar

  • Mild Steel Round Rod

  • Mild Steel Pipe

  • Mild Steel Rectangle Bar

  • Mild Sheet Plate



  • Brass Rectangle Bar

  • Brass Sheet/Plate

  • Brass Tube Round Seamless

  • Brass Round Bar

  • Brass Square Bar



  • Copper Square Bar

  • Copper Sheet Plate

  • Copper Rectangle Bar

  • Copper Round Bar

  • Copper Round Tube

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other services


  • Design Consultation

  • Design Validation

  • Design Optimization


  • Plasma Cutting

  • Laser Cutting

  • Waterjet Cutting


  • Structural Fabrication

  • Sheet Metal Fabrication

  • Prototype Fabrication


  • CNC Machining

  • Conventional Machining

  • Non-conventional Machining

What We Do
Who We Are

Who We Are

Engineering Bazar is manufacturing marketplace with the aim to deliver manufacturing solutions and streamline material procuring. From materials procurement and product manufacturing to delivery we are the one-stop solution in manufacturing.

Laser Cutting

What We Do

At Engineering Bazar, we love to think all about manufacturing. And this includes many things which can be complicated for our customer. That's why we are into order management, procurement and automation to take away the stress of our customers and let them focus on the things they are known for - their products!

Laser Cutting
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