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Corona and Motorsports

Today's blog is on a really sensitive as well serious topic as mentioned in the heading. Right now we as a human race are fighting a big threat of coronavirus , we as the world are trying in all possible ways to fight the disease and find a cure. After reading this many of you will wonder how it is related to motorsports ?

Answer to the above question is that motorsports is a global sport , people from multiple countries come under one roof and work together and compete against each other , apart from that events take place on various tracks across the world. This year Chinese Grand Prix of Formula1 is postponed , Thai GP of Motogp is also removed from its scheduled date due to coronavirus.

This is a serious threat to the motorsports fraternity as a large amount of people are connected to this field, not just human resource but capital is also involved in events. Some solutions should be created to tackle such situations in future , as cancelling or rescheduling should not be the only option to get through such situations.

What i feel is that currently apart from medical facilities and other precautions that are taken by the people and for the people there should also be an alternative for events, i feel the few tracks should be kept ready so that if such a situation occurs the event can be conducted over there. Lots of tracks right now are just empty and proving to be a burden on local governments like BIC-India, Estoril-Portugal etc. this kind of provision shall surely better the current situation.

Canceling of events has a lot of negative impact on many aspects , such as people work hard for this annual event , a lot of work, finance and planning is involved , with that instead of cancelling if the event is held on the same date on another track it might be less damaging than cancelling. Rescheduling of events after the season is not worth it as teams need time for development for next season, reducing development time means slowing the growth of technical aspects, rescheduling just messes up overall future planning, which i don't feel as an appropriate option.

What i feel is that proper remedies should be made available for situations like the one we are facing right now, ways to tackle such emergency situations should be drafted for future.

Thank you for your time and I would love to hear your view about this topic , and suggestions for this situation as well. I suggest everyone to take care and take the precautions to prevent coronavirus outbreak, Thank you

- Engineering Bazar

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